Tristan Perrotti


About Tristan


An experienced campaigner and non-profit advocate, Tristan brings years of experience effectively engaging with voters and residents on the issues they care about.

An Oregon native, originally from the Rogue Valley, Tristan has been working on political campaigns since he was in college. While receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Southern Oregon University, Tristan quickly became active in the Jackson County Democratic Party and College Democrats. Since moving to Portland, he has worked on races at the city, county, and state levels engaging with voters from all walks of life, and advocating on behalf of both candidates and a number of ballot measures. During the 2020 presidential election, Tristan worked in Green Bay, Wisconsin to register historically underrepresented voters and get out the vote in support of statewide Democrats.

Tristan is a strong advocate for empowering the Jewish and LGBTQ communities, serving on the board of the Alberta Shul, and on the Portland Steering Committee for the Human Rights Campaign. He received a Master’s of Fine Arts at the Pacific Northwest College of Art where he can now be found as a part time instructor.

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